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Welcome to AI Technologies! We are dedicated to providing the latest and greatest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our site showcases all the latest AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), deeper learning. With these technologies, machines can understand human speech and text, recognize patterns, make decisions, and complete tasks. Explore our site to find out more about the amazing capabilities of AI and how it is transforming our lives

In addition to all the Ai technology We offer you an App that Creates Images with several Stable Diffusion Models. Our App Daylight (SD) Uses Stable Diffusion models to Create all from Anime to , well anything really!

So what is Stable Diffusion You ask ...
Image generation with diffusion is the process of creating a digital image from a diffusion equation. Diffusion equations are mathematical formulas that help to define the motion of particles. By using these equations, a digital image can be simulatedbased on a variety of parameters. This is used to study processes such as heat transfer, wave propagation, and chemical reactions. Additionally, the results of this approach can be used to generate various sorts of computer graphics, including textures, patterns, and surface details. (Answered by our GPT3-turbo Assistant).

And Maybe its a great additional feature:
All pictures and content you produce are Uniq and have no © Copyright issues ! They are yours to own and you are free to do what you want with them. They are not fetched from Google as many image bots out there are.

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We would be very happy if you join us and pay a small fee for our hard work put down on articlera.com.
Also it has its expenses running the Apps. As probably you do, we hate banners and other irritating popups.

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articlera Gives you:

  • 39 pluss Templates.
  • We Support 25 pluss languages.
  • Garantee 2FA Account Protection.
  • Edit text and images easy.
  • Make "Stand Out" Blogs, Facebook, Snap chat, and other Social Nettwork Posts.
  • Use Our GPT-3 turbo Ai assistant to help you with any task in life.
  • And Stable Diffusion Image creation with several AI Stability Diffusion models.

Showcases :

It`s Amazing what You can create with our App!

The first to Images : First prompted/created a sweet Girl then transformed her to a Fantasy Figure.
If you look closely you can see that its the same Model/Girl in the second image.

First : Nice girl !

End : Became a fantasy Devil Woman !

Daylight has a Prompt Generator which maked it dead easy to make good images !

Other Apps

We offer you 39 different Apps which gives you a wast possibility to twirk your projects, work, or Social network presentations to realy stand out !

So New to the Ai Technology ?

Here you can read all about the Technology and how it works!
We are the owner of the "firt ever book written by and about GPT"
You can read it here !

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